How to Find the California Franchise Tax Board Phone Number


The agency that is responsible for obtaining corporate and personal income taxes in California is called the California Franchise Tax Board. This agency is associated with the California State and Consumer Services agency as well. It can be difficult to find the right franchise tax board phone number in the even that you need to call and talk to a human being. To talk with a customer representative at this agency, your best bet is to call 916-845-4300 between the hours of 8am and 5pm on any business day.

Here is some information about the history of the California Franchise Tax Board. When California first initiated its own constitution in 1879, several organizations were created as a result. These organizations include the state’s Equalization Board and the Controller. Both of these organizations were responsible for regulating the tax regulations for the state.

The Franchise Tax Commissioner’s office was founded in 1929 in order to regulate the new Bank and Corporation Franchise Tax Act. The state of California closed this office in 1950 and replaced it with the Franchise Tax Board that is in place today.

Selvi Stanislaus is the current Executive Officer of the board. She is the only female to have this position so far and has been the Executive Officer since 2006. The former Executive Officers of the Franchise Tax Board were John Campbell who served from its inception in 1950 to 1963, Martin Huff, who served from the year 1963 until 1979. From January to August of 1980, the board was headed by William Mackey, who was the Acting Executive Officer until Huff’s successor was found. Gerald Goldberg succeeded Huff and served from 1980 until late 2005. During the remaining months of 2005, the board was run by Interim Executive Officer William Bush until Selvi Staislaus took over in January of 2006.

The collection of personal state income tax is one of the functions of the Franchise Tax Board. All of the citizens of California must pay taxes on their income no matter the source. People who live in California, but are not considered residents only have to pay the Franchise Tax Board tax on income they made in California. Income made in other states must be paid to that state’s tax collecting agency. In total, the board is responsible for collecting over $50 billion dollars in tax revenue every year. If you have questions about your personal state income taxes, call the franchise tax board phone number, which is 916-845-4300.

The Franchise Tax Board also collects corporate income tax from companies that operate in California. As its name suggests, the board was initially created to solely collect this type of tax. Even though the board now also collects personal income taxes, the name remains the same. Approximately $10 billion dollars in tax revenue is collected by the Franchise Tax Board from thousands of businesses that operate and generate income in California.

The Franchise Tax Board is also provides debt collection services for the California Department of Motor Vehicles. To contact the franchise tax board phone number, call 916-845-4300 during business hours.

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